Frequently Asked Questions

How to request a sample or a quote?

Chat with our online sales in right corner window or mail to We back to you within 12hours, guaranteed.


About Price

All the price is FOB china port price for reference based on up-to-date exchange rate. Linchemical update the price monthly. Please leave us your mail address if you’d like to receive it.


About delivery

For samples, often delivery within 2-3days, we use FedEx Express and usually takes about 5days for delivery from China to consignees address.

As we served more than 300 China customers,  full range plastic organic pigment, antioxidant, UV stabilizers are available in stock.


About payments

Lin Chemical offers flexible payment terms.
Paypal, Escrow which now known as Alibaba Secure Payment for samples express fees (samples are free to offer).
T/T+L/C, 100% LC for bulk orders. With Alibaba Trade Assurance to further protect all your orders which is free for buyers. please click to learn these protection services. 
The table below is an example of buyers’ fee when making payments,  for your references
payment fees deposit/USD balance/USD total/USD remark
 example 300 700 1000 assume 1000 total, and 30/70 payment terms
secure payment 15 35 50 5% fixed per transaction
Visa,  MasterCard 7.2 16.8 24 2.4% fixed transaction
e checking 15 15 30 us checking account, fix 15usd per transaction
TT US 25 25 50 for us only
TT other countries 50 50 100 estimated 30-50 per transaction, Depends on region and banks. avoid intermediary bank
100%LC 150-300 USD Depends on region and banks


About quality

Lin Chemical manufacture, also outsource feature products from the best factories. They either manufacture for BASF, Clariant or other had earned good reputations among the industry. With year by year working, solid partnerships were achieved. We value our supply chain as the same as customer service.  

We assume anyone could get several quotations in few clicks or phone calls. There is a lot of working to distinguish and find the right ones. We ‘ve seen prices lower than lower, fake products, or other tricks.  We paid price for learning from it and now we bring you the really good ones.

Equipped with an experienced team enable us to design anti-oxidising and coloring solution for plastics and other polymers.  This is vital because additives are applied in a system and issues happen when

1、choose the wrong additive

2、bought the fake, or unqualified additives

3、process conditions issue

4、all good while additives conflicts

5、other unknown

  Among the hundreds of our local customers,  there is Amazon, Huawei’s direct suppliers who buy from us. Also, we are agent of Addivant which is leading company in antioxidants, and x-rite, the leading color management company in the world.