antioxidants and UV stabilizers for polyolefins

Polyolefins in this section include 

  1. general and filled pp molding.
  2. PP extrusion pipe, sheet, profiles, yarn, BCF, nonwoven, tapes, monofilaments, film. 
  3. general and roto molding PE molding HDPE, LLDPE.
  4. PE extrusion pipe, PE, PE-x cable, tapes, monofilaments, HDPE film, LDPE / EVA  film, LDPE and LLDPE, EVA  agriculture film.

Table 1 Features of antioxidants and UV stabilizers for polyolefins

categoryProduct name MWMRdescription
antioxidantLinanox 168647183 -186Hydrolytically stable phosphite, maintains color properties
Linanox 10101178110 – 125High molecular weight, phenolic antioxidant (AO); extends long-term thermal stability
Linanox 1024553221 – 232High-performance phenolic AO and metal deactivator (Cu inhibitor)
Linanox 103564363 – 78Phenolic AO for cross-linked or carbon black containing systems
Linanox 107653150 – 55 Highly compatible, low-color phenolic AO
Linanox 3114784218 – 223Non-discoloring phenolic AO; high extraction resistance
Linanox B215NANASynergistic phenol /phosphite blend, medium phosphite content, for a balanced processing and LTTS
Linanox B225NANA Synergistic phenol /phosphite blend with extended LTTS
Linanox B900NANASynergistic phenol /phosphite blend with high phosphite level
Linanox dltdp51539 – 41Synergist extending the LTTS of phenolic AOs
Linanox dstdp68364 – 67Synergist extending the LTTS of phenolic AOs
UV absorberLinsorb 234448137 – 141Benzotriazole with low volatility
Linsorb 236316138 – 141Benzotriazole with enhanced absorption of long-wave UV radiation
Linsorb 531326.447 – 49Benzophenone with excellent compatibility
hindered amine light stabilizerLinsorb 6223100 – 400050 – 70High molecular weight HALS with low volatility and minimal migration
Linsorb 77048181 – 85Low molecular weight HALS, particularly for thick section applications
Linsorb 783NANASynergistic blend of high molecular weight HALS with broad food contact clearance
Linsorb 791NANASynergistic blend of high and low molecular weight HALS for thick section applications
Linsorb 9442000 – 3100100 – 135High molecular weight HALS










































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