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Frequently Asked Questions

How to request a sample or a quote?

Chat with our online sales in right corner window or mail to We back to you within 12hours, guaranteed.


About Price

All the price is FOB china port price for reference based on up-to-date exchange rate. Linchemical update the price monthly. Please leave us your mail address if you’d like to receive it.


About delivery

For samples, often delivery within 2-3days, we use FedEx Express and usually takes about 5days for delivery from China to consignees address.

As we served more than 300 China customers,  full range plastic organic pigment, antioxidant, UV stabilizers are available in stock.


About payments

Lin Chemical offers flexible payment terms.
Paypal, Escrow which now known as Alibaba Secure Payment for samples express fees (samples are free to offer).
T/T+L/C, 100% LC for bulk orders. With Alibaba Trade Assurance to further protect all your orders which is free for buyers. please click to learn these protection services. 
The table below is an example of buyers’ fee when making payments,  for your references
payment fees deposit/USD balance/USD total/USD remark
 example 300 700 1000 assume 1000 total, and 30/70 payment terms
secure payment 15 35 50 5% fixed per transaction
Visa,  MasterCard 7.2 16.8 24 2.4% fixed transaction
e checking 15 15 30 us checking account, fix 15usd per transaction
TT US 25 25 50 for us only
TT other countries 50 50 100 estimated 30-50 per transaction, Depends on region and banks. avoid intermediary bank
100%LC 150-300 USD Depends on region and banks


About quality

Lin Chemical manufacture, also outsource feature products from the best factories. They either manufacture for BASF, Clariant or other had earned good reputations among the industry. With year by year working, solid partnerships were achieved. We value our supply chain as the same as customer service.  

We assume anyone could get several quotations in few clicks or phone calls. There is a lot of working to distinguish and find the right ones. We ‘ve seen prices lower than lower, fake products, or other tricks.  We paid price for learning from it and now we bring you the really good ones.

Equipped with an experienced team enable us to design anti-oxidising and coloring solution for plastics and other polymers.  This is vital because additives are applied in a system and issues happen when

1、choose the wrong additive

2、bought the fake, or unqualified additives

3、process conditions issue

4、all good while additives conflicts

5、other unknown

  Among the hundreds of our local customers,  there is Amazon, Huawei’s direct suppliers who buy from us. Also, we are agent of Addivant which is leading company in antioxidants, and x-rite, the leading color management company in the world.

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Antioxidant UV stabilizer additives guide

1. Polymer degradation and stabilization

Autoxidation may be initiated by heat, high energy radiation such as ultraviolet light, mechanical stress, or through reaction with other impurities. Antioxidant delay the formation of free radical species and hydroperoxides in polymers both during storage and conversion. UV absorbers and hindered amine stabilizers protect polymers from UV light degradation.

2. Polymer antioxidant guide

what are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are used for anti-oxidizing function. Vitamins have anti-oxidation functions. when it comes to industry, certain antioxidants work for the same purpose.  Antioxidants are used to improve polymers’ high-temperature stability and shelf-life.

Polymer antioxidants including hindered phenolic, amine which belongs to the primary antioxidant,  phosphite, thioesters which belongs to the auxiliary group, and blends of a primary with an auxiliary. Typical antioxidant types as follows.

what’s antioxidants’ application and how to choose?

antioxidants are widely used in plastics, rubber, fiber, coatings, polymers and adhesives industry. basically, antioxidants are used in every polymer processing. Effective use temperatures for antioxidants as the photo below.

LinChemical, BASF, Songwon Antioxidants Compare

LinChemical antioxidants are min 99% similar, over half of our domestic customers use our UV stabilizers as a replacement for imports to achieve a competitive edge.

We control batch to batch quality consistency, to further protect our buyers’ interests. We use Paypal,  Payoneer for sample express fees (samples are free to offer).  T/T+L/C, 100% LC for bulk orders. With Alibaba Trade Assurance to further protect all your orders which is free for buyers. please click to learn these protection services.

LinChemical BASF Songwon Addivant&Chemtura Other
Linanox 1010 Irganox 1010 Songnox 1010 Anox 20
Linanox 1024 Irganox MD 1024 Songnox 1024 Lowinox MD24
Linanox 1035 Irganox 1035 Songnox 1035 Anox 70
Linanox 1076 Irganox 1076 Songnox 1076 Anox PP18
Linanox 1098 Irganox 1098 Songnox 1098 Lowinox HD-98
Linanox 1135 Irganox 1135 Songnox 1135 Naugard PS48 (liq)
Linanox 1411 Irganox B 1411 Songnox 311B Anox BB 1411
Linanox 1412 Irganox B 1412 Songnox 321B Anox BB 1412
Linanox 1520 Irganox 1520
Linanox 168 Irgafos 168 Songnox 1680 Alkanox 240
Linanox 1726 Irganox 1726
Linanox 1790 Irganox 1790 Songnox 1790 Lowinox 1790 Cyasorb 1790
Linanox 215 Irganox B 215 Songnox 21B Anox BB 021
Linanox 2246 Irganox 2246 Songnox 2246 Lowinox 22M46
Linanox 225 Irganox B 225 Songnox 11B Anox BB 011
Linanox 245 Irganox 245 Songnox 2450 Lowinox GP-45
Linanox 3114 Irganox 3114 Songnox 3114 Anox IC-14
Linanox 330 Irganox 1330 (330) Songnox 1330 Anox 330
Linanox 412s Irganox 412s Songnox 4120 Lowinox 412s
Linanox 445 Naugard 445
Linanox 5057 Irganox 5057 Songnox L570 Naugard PS30
Linanox 565 Irganox 565 Songnox 5650
Linanox 626 Irgafos 126 Songnox 626 Ultranox 626
Linanox 697 Irganox 697 Naugard XL-1
Linanox 702 Ethanox 702
Linanox 900 Irganox B 900 Songnox 417B Anox BB 140
Linanox CPL Lowinox CPL Wingstay L
Linanox DLTDP Irganox PS 800 Songnox DLTDP Naugard DLTDP
Linanox DSTDP Irganox PS 802 Songnox DSTDP Naugard DSTDP

3. UV stabilizers

what is UV stabilizer?

Except for the heat, products are exposed to light, no matter it’s direct sunlight or light from the lamp. Thus UV protection for polymers is vital,  otherwise, the products could cracking,  yellowing and delamination due to UV light degradation.

UV stabilizer contains two groups, the first is Ultraviolet Light Absorbers, also known as UVA or UV absorber, the second group is Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers which known as HALS or light stabilizers. They are used individually or as blends. UV absorber filters harmful UV light and helps prevent color change and delamination of coatings, adhesives, and sealants.  Types of UV absorbers include benzophenone(UV 531), benzotriazole(UV P, 234, 326, 327, 328, 329), and hydroxyphenyl-triazine which market share is decreasing as the former two increases.

Light Stabilizers trap free radicals once they are formed and are effective in retaining surface properties such as gloss and prevent cracking and chalking of paints. The combination of these two families is highly synergistic.  Hindered amine light stabilizer reaction mode as the photo below.

what is UV stabilizers’ application and which to choose?

UV stabilizers are used in plastics, rubber, coatings, paint, adhesive, polymer, and different resins.

LinChemical, BASF, Songwon UV Stabilizers Compare

LinChemical BASF Songwon Addivant&
Linsorb 1130 Tinuvin 1130 Songsorb CS 1130
Linsorb 1164 Tinuvin 1164 Cyasorb UV
Linsorb 234 Tinuvin 234 Songsorb 2340 Lowilite 234 Uvinul 3034
Linsorb 312 Tinuvin 312 SABO STAB
UV 312
Linsorb 320 Tinuvin 320
Linsorb 326 Tinuvin 326 Songsorb 3260 Lowilite 26 Uvinul 3026
Linsorb 327 Tinuvin 327 Songsorb 3270 Lowilite 27 Uvinul 3027
Linsorb 328 Tinuvin 328 Songsorb 3280 Lowilite 28 Uvinul 3028
Linsorb 329 Tinuvin 329 Songsorb 3290 Lowilite 29 Uvinul 3029
Linsorb 360 Tinuvin 360 Songsorb 3600
Linsorb 3808 SABO STAB UV 91 Cyasorb UV
Linsorb 384-2 Tinuvin 384-2 Songsorb CS 384-2
Linsorb 3853 SABO STAB UV 91 Cyasorb UV
Linsorb 400 Tinuvin 400 Songsorb CS 400
Linsorb 531 Chimassorb 81 Songsorb 8100 Lowilite 22 Uvinul 3008
Linsorb 571 Tinuvin 571
Linsorb 928 Tinuvin 928 Songsorb CS 928
Linsorb P Tinuvin P Songsorb 1000 Lowilite 55 Uvinul 3033 P
Linsorb 119 Chimassorb 119 Songlight 1190 Lowilite 19
Linsorb 123 Tinuvin 123
Linsorb 292 Tinuvin 765 (292) Songlight 2920 Lowilite 92 Uvinul 4092 H
Linsorb 622 Tinuvin 622 Songlight 6220 Lowilite 62 Uvinul 5062 H
Linsorb 770 Tinuvin 770 Songlight 7700 Lowilite 77 Uvinul 4077 H
Linsorb 783 Tinuvin 783 Lowilite 6294
Linsorb 791 Tinuvin 791 Lowilite 7794
Linsorb 944 Chimassorb 944 Songlight 9440 Lowilite 94

4. Selection Guide of antioxidant and UV stabilizers

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If you are experiencing issues regarding your polymers or current additives, or sourcing additives or polymers additive solution. This may be the ending of your sourcing.  Chat with our online engineer,  or file the form below. We’ll back to you in 12hous, guaranteed.