Antioxidant / UV stabilizer for coatings

Antioxidant for coatings

Antioxidant 1010, 1076, 626, B215, B225, B900 is widely used in coatings. For selection details, please consult our online engineers.

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UV stabilizer for coatings

UV absorber and light stabilizer are used alone or together in coatings to form a synergic effect. Typical selection of UV stabilizer for coatings as the table below.

application / resin type / product name1130384-2928400292123
Car paintAcrylic/Acrylated  amine
Amino resins
Repair paintPolyurethane
Anti-corrosion paintPolyurethane
Alkyd resin
Wood paintNC resin
Polyurethane resin
Powder coatingPES resin     
Water-based paintAcrylic emulsion 
Polyurethane emulsion 

Remark:○ suitable, ★ recommended

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