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UV Absorber 400, Tinuvin 400

Chemical Name:

2-[4-[2-Hydroxy-3-tridecyloxypropyl]oxy]-2-hydroxyphenyl]-4,6-bis(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-1,3,5-triazine and 2-[4-[2-hydroxy- 3- didecyloxypropyl]oxy]-2-hydroxyphenyl]-4,6–bis(2,4- dimethylphenyl)-1,3,5-triazine


Formula / uv-400-tinuvin-400-baoxu-chemical info@additivesforpolymer.com
Molecular Weight647
Physical Properties:
AppearanceYellow viscous liquid
Density1.07g/cm3 (20 oC)

460 nm≥95%

500 nm≥97%


> Features of UV 400 are excellent thermal stability and environmental durability, suitable for coatings used in extremely harsh conditions, low migration, high concentration, and high efficiency, good light stability, effective long life. Used as tinuvin 400 equivalent.

> UV 400 can be used in industrial paints and automotive paints with high performance and durability requirements (water-based, solvent-based and 100% solids are suitable). UV 400 is a UV absorber that does not cross-react with other components of the system and was developed specifically for amine-catalyzed or metal-catalyzed coating systems.

> The use of UV-400 in combination with hindered amine light stabilizers, such as HALS-292 or HALS-123, can significantly increase their effectiveness. This synergistic effect can reduce the gloss of the varnish, resulting in cracks, bubbles, delamination and discoloration. Good inhibition.

Handing and safety:

>For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


20KG plastic drum


Additional information

Weight25 kg
Dimensions650 × 450 × 150 mm