antioxidants and UV stabilizers for polymers

Polymers in this section include r-PVC, f-PVC, POM, PA, PC, PBT, PET, PMMA, ABS, PS, UPES, PU flexible foam, PU micro-cellular foam, TPU, elastomers, TPE and synthetic rubber.

Antioxidants are used for anti-aging, and vitamin has anti-oxidation functions. when it comes to industry,  certain antioxidants work for the same purpose.  the antioxidant as used to improve polymers’ high-temperature also long-term stability. Except for the heat, products are exposed to light in most cases, no matter its direct sunlight or light from the lamp. Thus UV protection for polymers is vital,  otherwise, the products could crack,  yellowing, and delamination due to  UV light degradation. UV stabilizers contain two groups, the first is Ultraviolet Light Absorbers, also known as UVA or UV absorbers, the second group is Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers which are known as HALS or light stabilizers. They are used individually or as blends. UV absorber filters harmful UV light and helps prevent color change and delamination of coatings, adhesives, and sealants. Light Stabilizers trap free radicals once they are formed and are effective in retaining surface properties such as gloss and preventing cracking and chalking of paints. The combination of these two families is highly synergistic.

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Table 1 Features of antioxidants and UV stabilizers for polymers

Category Product Name MW MR Features
antioxidant 168 647 183 -186 Hydrolytically stable phosphite, maintains color properties
1010 1178 110 – 125 High molecular weight, phenolic antioxidant (AO); extends long-term thermal stability
1024 553 221 – 232 High performance phenolic AO and metal deactivator
1035 643 63 – 78 Phenolic AO for cross-linked or carbon black containing systems
1076 531 50 – 55 Highly compatible, low-color phenolic AO
1098 637 156 -161 Low color phenolic AO, excellent compatibility with PA
1135 390 < -30 Liquid phenolic AO, specifically for PUR
1520 425 12-15 Synergistic, multifunctional AO for elastomers and TPE
245 586.8 76 – 79 Phenolic AO, excellent performance in engineering polymers
3114 784 218 – 223 Non-discoloring phenolic AO; high extraction resistance
5057 NA NA Liquid aromatic amine for processing and LTTS
 B215 NA NA Synergistic phenol/phosphite blend, medium phosphite content for a balanced processing and LTT stability
 B225 NA NA Synergistic phenol/phosphite blend, low phosphite content
 B900 NA NA Synergistic phenol/phosphite blend, high phosphite content
 dltdp 515 39 – 41 Synergist extending the LTTS of phenolic AOs
 dstdp 683 64 – 67 Synergist extending the LTTS of phenolic AOs


UV P 225 128 – 132 Benzotriazole for a wide array of substrates
UV 213 NA -40 Liquid benzotriazole
UV 234 448 137 – 141 Benzotriazole with low volatility
UV 312 312 124 – 127 Oxanilide with low initial color
UV 326 316 138 – 141 Benzotriazole with enhanced absorption of long-wave UV radiation
UV 329 323 103 – 105 Benzotriazole
UV 360 659 195 Benzotriazole with very low volatility
UV 531 326 47 – 49 Benzophenone
UV 571 394 -56 Liquid benzotriazole
UV 1577 425 148 Hydroxyphenyltriazine with high performance and low volatility
light stabilizer HALS 622 3100 -4000 50 – 70 High molecular weight HALS with excellent color, low basicity
HALS 765 508 NA Liquid, low molecular weight HALS
HALS 770 481 81 – 85 Low molecular HALS, especially for automotive applications
HALS 783 NA NA Synergistic blend of high molecular weight HALS
HALS 791 NA NA Synergistic blend of high and low molecular weight HALS
HALS 944 2000 -3100 100 – 135 High molecular weight HALS

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