antioxidants and UV stabilizers for polymers

Polymers in this section include r-PVC, f-PVC, POM, PA, PC, PBT, PET, PMMA, ABS, PS, UPES, PU flexible foam, PU micro-cellular foam, TPU, elastomers, TPE and synthetic rubber.

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Table 1 Features of antioxidants and UV stabilizers for polymers

CategoryProduct NameMWMRFeatures
antioxidant168647183 -186Hydrolytically stable phosphite, maintains color properties
10101178110 – 125High molecular weight, phenolic antioxidant (AO); extends long-term thermal stability
1024553221 – 232High performance phenolic AO and metal deactivator
103564363 – 78Phenolic AO for cross-linked or carbon black containing systems
107653150 – 55Highly compatible, low-color phenolic AO
1098637156 -161Low color phenolic AO, excellent compatibility with PA
1135390< -30Liquid phenolic AO, specifically for PUR
152042512-15Synergistic, multifunctional AO for elastomers and TPE
245586.876 – 79Phenolic AO, excellent performance in engineering polymers
3114784218 – 223Non-discoloring phenolic AO; high extraction resistance
5057NANALiquid aromatic amine for processing and LTTS
 B215NANASynergistic phenol/phosphite blend, medium phosphite content for a balanced processing and LTT stability
 B225NANASynergistic phenol/phosphite blend, low phosphite content
 B900NANASynergistic phenol/phosphite blend, high phosphite content
 dltdp51539 – 41Synergist extending the LTTS of phenolic AOs
 dstdp68364 – 67Synergist extending the LTTS of phenolic AOs


UV P225128 – 132Benzotriazole for a wide array of substrates
UV 213NA-40Liquid benzotriazole
UV 234448137 – 141Benzotriazole with low volatility
UV 312312124 – 127Oxanilide with low initial color
UV 326316138 – 141Benzotriazole with enhanced absorption of long-wave UV radiation
UV 329323103 – 105Benzotriazole
UV 360659195Benzotriazole with very low volatility
UV 53132647 – 49Benzophenone
UV 571394-56Liquid benzotriazole
UV 1577425148Hydroxyphenyltriazine with high performance and low volatility
light stabilizerHALS 6223100 -400050 – 70High molecular weight HALS with excellent color, low basicity
HALS 765508NALiquid, low molecular weight HALS
HALS 77048181 – 85Low molecular HALS, especially for automotive applications
HALS 783NANASynergistic blend of high molecular weight HALS
HALS 791NANASynergistic blend of high and low molecular weight HALS
HALS 9442000 -3100100 – 135High molecular weight HALS

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