UV Stabilizer – polymers UV protection

what is UV stabilizer?

Except for the heat, products are exposed to light in most case, no matter its direct sunlight or light from the lamp. Thus UV protection for polymers is vital,  otherwise, the products could cracking,  yellowing and delamination due to  UV light degradation.

UV stabilizer contains two groups, the first is Ultraviolet Light Absorbers, also known as UVA or UV absorber, the second group is Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers which known as HALS or light stabilizers. They are used individually or as blends. UV absorber filters harmful UV light and helps prevent color change and delamination of coatings, adhesives, and sealants. Light Stabilizers trap free radicals once they are formed and are effective in retaining surface properties such as gloss and prevent cracking and chalking of paints. The combination of these two families is highly synergistic.  


what is UV stabilizers’ application and which to choose?

UV stabilizers are used in plastics, rubber, coatings, paint, adhesive, polymer, and different resins. UV absorber and light stabilizer are used individually or together to achieve the synergic effect. Click to check our UV stabilizers selection guide.  Any further questions, chat with our online sales or mail at info@linchemical.com


Linsorb UV Stabilizers Portfolio

Brand nameGeneric nameSynonymsCAS Number
Linsorb PUV PTinuvin P2440-22-4
Linsorb 1130UV 1130Tinuvin 1130/
Linsorb 1164UV 1164Tinuvin 11642725-22-6
Linsorb 1577UV 1577Tinuvin 1577147315-50-2
Linsorb 234UV 234Tinuvin 23470321-86-7
Linsorb 312UV 312Tinuvin 31223949-66-8
Linsorb 320UV 320Tinuvin 3203846-71-7
Linsorb 326UV 326Tinuvin 3263896-11-5
Linsorb 327UV 327Tinuvin 3273864-99-1
Linsorb 328UV 328Tinuvin 32825973-55-1
Linsorb 329UV 329Tinuvin 3293147-75-9
Linsorb 360UV 360Tinuvin 360103597-45-1
Linsorb 384-2UV 384-2Tinuvin 384-2127519-17-9
Linsorb 400UV 400Tinuvin 400153519-44-9
Linsorb 531UV 531Chimassorb 811843-05-6
Linsorb 571UV 571Tinuvin 571125304-04-3
Linsorb 928UV 928Tinuvin 92873936-91-1
Linsorb 123HALS 123Tinuvin 12312957-67-1
Linsorb 292HALS 292Tinuvin 29241556-26-7/82919-37-7
Linsorb 622HALS 622Tinuvin 62265447-77-0
Linsorb 765HALS 765Tinuvin 76541556-26-7
Linsorb 770HALS 770Tinuvin 77052829-07-9
Linsorb 783HALS 783Tinuvin 78350%HALS 944+50%HALS 622
Linsorb 791HALS 791Tinuvin 79150%HALS 944+50%HALS 770
Linsorb 944HALS 944Chimassorb 94470624-18-9
Linsorb 2020HALS 2020Chimassorb 2020192268-64-7
Linsorb 3808PP5UV 3808PP5UV 3808PP5167078-06-0
Linsorb 3853PP5UV 3853PP5UV 3853PP5167078-06-0
Linsorb 703V 703V703/
Linsorb 2908UV 2908UV 290867845-93-6

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