No Dust Polymer Additive Blend

1. What is No dust blend(NDB)?

No dust blend(NDB) is truly a 100% concentration of additives without any carrier resin being necessary, containing from 1 to 7 compositions. It can be tailor-made or standard formula like 215, 225, etc.

Additives Type Function Examples
Antioxidant Reduce Thermal Degradation 1010,168,1024
UV absorber &

Light Stabilizers

Light protection 531,770,2020
Antiacid Acid Scavenging Calcium stearate
Clarifying agent Clarify and nucleate 3988
Antistatic agent Dissipate static charge Amter 163
Anti-block Prevent blocking Calcium stearate, Talc
Slip agent Allow the film to slide Erucidamide

2. Form of No dust blend(NDB)

Flakes, granules, pastilles, pellets, etc



3. Benefits of No dust blend(NDB).

Compare with conventional powder form(P), or regular powder blend(PB), NDB’s advantages are as follows;

  1. Improve safety and hygiene.
  2. Minimal product lost into dust extraction, reduce costs.
  3. Accurate dosing consistency, improved dispersion.
  4. Simplify supply chain and dosing lines.

4. Taojiayue no dust blend NDB can replace

  • BASF Customer Specific Blends
  • Songwon OPS
  • Other brand manufactures

By a state-of-the-art production facilities

Feeding system

Screw extruder
Screw extruder

b, Investments in research and development

c, Targeting plastic industries 15years

5.Standard formula blend(PB & NDB)