Polymer Antioxidant – prevent polymers thermal oxidation

what are antioxidant?

Antioxidants are used for anti-aging, vitamin has anti-oxidation functions. when it comes to industry,  certain antioxidant work for the same purpose.  antioxidant as used to improve polymers’ high-temperature stability.

Polymer antioxidants including hindered phenolic, amine which belongs to the primary antioxidant,  phosphite, thioesters which belongs to the auxiliary group, and blends of a primary with an auxiliary.


what’s antioxidants’ application and how to choose?

Antioxidants are widely used in plastics, rubber, fiber, coatings, and adhesives industry. Basically, antioxidants are used in every polymers processing,  antioxidant selection guide as the table below, For mobile phone user, please click HERE to view PDF copy. 

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Linanox Antioxidants Portfolio

Product Nameequivalent toCASMelting Range
Linanox 1010 Irganox 10106683-19-8110-125
Linanox 1024Irganox 102432687-78-8225-232
Linanox 1035Irganox 103541484-35-963-82
Linanox 1076Irganox 10762082-79-350-55
Linanox 1098Irganox 109823128-74-7155-161
Linanox 1135Irganox 1135125643-61-0/
Linanox 1520Irganox 1520110553-27-014
Linanox 168Irgafos 16831570-04-4183-187
Linanox 1726Irganox 1726110675-26-828
Linanox 1790Cyanox 179040601-76-1159-163
Linanox 245Irganox 24536443-68-276-79
Linanox 3114Irganox 311427676-62-6218-220
Linanox 330Ethanox 3301709-70-2240-245
Linanox 412sNaugard 412s29598-76-348-54
Linanox 5057Irganox 505768411-46-1/
Linanox 626Ultranox 62626741-53-7170-180
Linanox 697Irganox 69770331-94-1174-180
Linanox 702Ethanox 702118-82-1155-159
Linanox DLTDPIrganox PS 800123-28-439.5-41.5
Linanox DSTDPIrganox PS 802693-36-763.5-68.5
Linanox B215/B225Irganox B215/B2256683-19-8/
Linanox B900Irganox B9002082-79-3/

Features of Linanox Antioxidants

Product NameMWMRFeatures
168647183 -186Hydrolytically stable phosphite, maintains color properties
10101178110 – 125High molecular weight, phenolic antioxidant (AO); extends long-term thermal stability
1024553221 – 232High-performance phenolic AO and metal deactivator
103564363 – 78Phenolic AO for cross-linked or carbon black containing systems
107653150 – 55Highly compatible, low-color phenolic AO
1098637156 -161Low color phenolic AO, excellent compatibility with PA
1135390< -30Liquid phenolic AO, specifically for PUR
152042512-15Synergistic, multifunctional AO for elastomers and TPE
245586.876 – 79Phenolic AO, excellent performance in engineering polymers
3114784218 – 223Non-discoloring phenolic AO; high extraction resistance
5057NANALiquid aromatic amine for processing and LTTS
B215NANASynergistic phenol/phosphite blend, medium phosphite content for a balanced processing and LTT stability
B225NANASynergistic phenol/phosphite blend, low phosphite content
B900NANASynergistic phenol/phosphite blend, high phosphite content
dltdp51539 – 41Synergist extending the LTTS of phenolic AOs
dstdp68364 – 67Synergist extending the LTTS of phenolic AOs

Remark: AO refers to antioxidant, LTTS refers to long term thermal stabilization.

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