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Linsorb UV  P

Chemical Name:


Formula C13H11N3O uv-p tinuvin p CAS 2440-22-4 supplier info@additivesforpolymer.com
Molecular Weight 225
CAS# 2440-22-4


Appearance Yellow crystalline powder
Melting point 128-133 ˚C
boiling point 225℃
Solubility(20℃) Water < 0.1
MeOH 0.2
EtOH 10
Acetone 3
CH 2 Cl 2 16
Hexane 0.8

>UV P is particularly effective in styrene polymers, PVC, unsaturated polyesters, polyurethanes, acrylic polymers, and polycarbonates. Used as tinuvin p equivalent.

>UV P can be used alone or in a variety of blends and combinations with antioxidants or UV absorbers where often a synergistic performance is observed.

> It has FDA approval for use in a wide variety of food contact applications.

>The use levels of UV P range between 0.10% and 1.0%, depending on substrate and performance requirements of the final application.


Handing and Safety: 

>In accordance with good industrial practice, handle with care and avoid unnecessary personal contact. Protect skin. Prevent contamination of the environment. Avoid dust formation and ignition sources.

>For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25kg per fiber drum, 9*3 layer 27drum per pallet, or according to customers’ requirements.

Linsorb P TDS:

Linsorb P tds


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 650 × 450 × 150 mm